13 Things That Would Never Happen If Mom Didn't Remind Us


Every household has someone that keeps the fmaily organized and on task. That person that makes sure the million little things that have to get done, for the rest of the family to move seamlessly from day to day, get done. In many households, we call this person 'Mom'.

Family organization isn't easy and it's a thankless task for those who take it on. But, today, we're honoring you by calling out all the things that would never get done if you didn't make sure that someone did it.

  1. Kids would never do homework.

  2. The dishes would never make it into the dishwasher.

  3. The dishes would never get put away.

  4. Laundry would pile up and never get washed.

  5. The air condition air filter would never get changed.

  6. Presciptions would never get filled / refilled.

  7. The trash would never make it to the curb.

  8. The children would never go to the doctor / dentist.

  9. The foodshopping would never get done.

  10. The kids would be wearing clothes that were 2 sizes too small.

  11. The children would never have birthday gifts to bring to their friends' birthday parties.

  12. Holidays would never be as special.

  13. The kids would never have the things they need for their extra-curricular activities.

There are so many things that Mom has to remind us to do, over and over again. So, we're using this post to acknoledge that the struggule is real and we appreciate all that you do, to keep the wheels turning and the family functioning.

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