Privacy Policy

iPrompted, hereby referred to as “THE SITE”, retains user data related to the performance of the core functionality of THE SITE. Additionally, account creation provides additionally user functionality that can only reasonably be enabled with the collection of additional data.

The types of data collected include:

  • Names (first and / or last)
  • Prompts (things to remind someone to do)
  • Temporal (related to prompt scheduling)
  • Phone Numbers (user accounts, prompt delivery, verification)
  • Email (account recovery, verification, prompt delivery)
  • Browser / device / session / other activity on-site or interaction data (analytics, performance, user experience)

If you are under the age of 13, you must have parental consent before using THE SITE.

Data is used to facilitate a better customer experience directly related to the core functionality and mission of THE SITE, which is to help people accomplish things that are important to them, and the people around them. Sometimes, this involves sharing the data collected with 3rd parties. However, THE SITE does not sell customer data.